We don't publicize our names since we're not vain. We let our products speak for us. They are designed by a team of creative professionals whose synergy enables to achieve integrity and coherence.
We work with best in class professionals who share our values and are eager to bring our mission into reality. Among our partners are chef Pedro Barcchiglione, interior designer Anselm Jannsen as well as a number of significant contemporary artists whose works are exhibited in our spaces.
We hosted more than 2800 top-notch events serving 300.000 guests from around the globe. Our service is best described by testimonials from 400+ companies that chose to work with us.
We aspire to create technically flawless projects and solutions that fill life with energy and creativity. Products by Placebo/25 are affordable and keep their inner essence and the original author’s vision. They carry deep values and seamlessly integrate into our clients’ lifestyle. In this regard our business is just a way of meeting these goals.
We are inspired by things and ideas from the past that retain essential and profound meanings. We are passionate about unveiling this bygone heritage and fitting it into contemporary cultural background. Our brands are filled with inner freedom and combine the elements of the time-honoured truth with insights of today. Our job is an ongoing art experiment and magical transformation.
We treasure human relationships and respect personal dignity, and therefore convey the values of care and exceptional through each of our products.
Our business is continuously evolving hence our products are constantly upgrading.
We design our products in a way that they become historical milestones. Once born, they undergo constant transformations in order to fully manifest the image of the future.
Placebo/25 is continuously exploring new projects at the intersection of contemporary art and high-end hospitality culture.
Our story began with inspiration. We learned the stories of companies which were bringing maximum value to their customers for decades: their values, structure and processes. Having analyzed success stories of the world’s most demanded enterprises we adopted their best practices that fit into our frame of reference. These principles permanently determine our style of work and are being translated into our products.
We’ve built a team of like-minded people keen on lifestyle culture, art and technology. Placebo/25 brands collection emerges at the intersection of these conceptual pathways. Our products are offbeat and daring, ambient and immersive. They offer intellectual and customized solutions and provide exceptional service that is genuine and sincere. We are committed to our principles and make sure they are reflected in our products to the fullest possible extent.
An ecosystem of brands that dare to transform living environment on a deeper scale. Solutions that cover all areas of life and surround our clients with all-embracing service. Placebo/25 investment conglomerate produces hi-tech and creative projects, each with its own distinctive identity.
People is our inspiration and major investment. We carefully craft the team letting people grow and flourish. Our staff are true champions: our concierge service director worked as a personal assistant to top businessmen while our hostess played a key role at a number of landmark global events.
Our headhunting strategy is uncompromising: we recruit top performers who share our values and have a true purpose.
Passionate and talented people make us who we are. We invest in professionals who will take our team on a next level.

Placebo/25 is hiring:

Corporate psychologist // $7000 net
A person who we can lean on in this big world. A custodian of our healthy microclimate and mental well-being. An architect of emotional intelligence.

PR-director // $5000 net
A brand ambassador who promotes our vision and values in the corporate and media community.

CS: Go cyber coach // $4000 net
A mentor for Placebo/25 cybersport team
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